After a long discussion with the team, taking into account the requests from the community, we have decided to prepare a relaunch, we believe that we can improve the launch and prepare it much better even with possible new features. Snapshot was made yesterday, all your funds are safe and the liquidity will be moved to the new contract.

The reason for this decision is that DXSale has a bug that does not allow blocking trading from within the contract, DXSale automatically unlocked liquidity and did not allow us to launch the token at the scheduled time, this confusion caused liquidity to enter ahead of time and the initial sales occurred.

More information will be given shortly about when the relaunch will be, sales have been blocked for the moment so that we can manually airdrop all of you to the new contract.


You have to send your old LCHICKEN to the following address

Wallet: 0xF5cdFCC03E61a969eF08945DeD222701157a293B

To have the highest possible liquidity for the new contract and that your funds are similar to the previous migration. 

After that, a new contract will be made and the amount of total tokens they currently have will be airdropped, Snapshot has already been downloaded from the current wallets.

We hope to have the problem resolved in a short time and to start working again.



Lucky Chicken Team